Alfred Döblin

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Döblin, Alfred


Born Aug. 10, 1878, in Stettin; died June 28, 1957, in Emmendingen. German writer. Exponent of German expressionism.

Doblin wrote the mystical-philosophical novel The Three Leaps of Wang Lun (1915), the historical novel Wallenstein (1920), and the Utopian novel Mountains, Seas and Giants (1924). A realistic tendency is embodied in the novel Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929; Russian translation, 1935). In 1933, Dóblin emigrated to France and then to the USA. During the prewar years and later, Dóblin preached the ideas of Catholicism (the trilogy The Amazons, 1937-48). In the tetralogy November 1918 (1918-50), Dóblin sought to interpret the November Revolution in Germany from a Christian point of view. After returning to Germany in 1945, Dóblin published a literary and philosophical magazine with a Catholic orientation, Das Goldene Tor. In 1955 he emigrated to France from West Germany, having expressed his disagreement with the reactionary policies of the Bonn government. Dóblin’s last novel, Hamlet or the End of a Long Night (1956), was strongly antiwar (published only in the GDR).


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Die Vertreibung der Gespenster. Berlin, 1968. (Bibliography on pages 546-48.)


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