Alfred Jodl

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Jodl, Alfred


Born May 10, 1890, in Wurzburg; died Oct. 16, 1946, in Nuremberg. Colonel general (1944) of the fascist German Army.

Jodl fought in World War I and later served in staff positions of the Reichswehr and was chief of the Home Defense Department. From August 1939 to May 1945, Jodl was chief of operations of fascist Germany’s armed forces and Hitler’s chief adviseron operations and strategy. In the last days of the war his responsibilities were limited to the western theaters of operation. In Reims on May 7, 1945, on the instructions of Admiral K. Doenitz, Jodl signed the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces to the Western Allies. Tried as a war criminal, he was sentenced to death by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg on Oct. 1, 1946, and was hanged.

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It was at 2.45am on May 8, 1945, that General Alfred Jodl signed the surrender declaring: 'With this signature, the German people are, for better or for worse, delivered into the victor's hands.
May 6: Donitz continued his delaying tactics by sending General Alfred Jodl, chief of operations, to meet Eisenhower at Rheims.
Finally, a grim-faced German delegation led by Col.-Gem Alfred Jodl settled down at a plain wooden table with a cracked top, and although ashtrays were provided, for once, no one smoked.
In an attempt to give a balanced overview Dobkine has also included the case for the defence of a soldier (Alfred Jodl) and of an administrator (Walker Funk) which raise the issues of responsibility and loyalty to superior officers, to Hitler and to the Nazi regime as a whole.
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Other key members of Hitler's inner circle are conspicuous by their absence - because the likes of Hermann Goering, Alfred Jodl and SS monster Ernst Kaltenbrunner were sentenced to death.
He said: "Along with the political leadership of Nazi Germany, the chiefs of staff of the German army, Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keitel, were also charged with waging aggressive war.
Six other generals, among whom was Colonel-General Alfred Jodl, chief of Hitler's personal staff, and two admirals were included in a list of those who suffered "slight injuries."