Alfred Moore

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Moore, Alfred

(1755–1810) Supreme Court justice; born in New Hanover County, N.C. He fought in the American Revolution (1776–81) and served as North Carolina's attorney general (1782–91), and on the state legislature (1782) before President John Adams named him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1799–1804).
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Jeremy Dein QC reviewed the case of poultry farmer and house burglar Alfred Moore who was sentenced to death for murdering two policemen, Det Insp Duncan Fraser and Pc Gordon Jagger, on land at his farm in Kirkheaton in 1951.
MY father, Alfred Moore, passed away in August 2012.
A butcher from Warkworth, Alfred Moore, provided the horse and the police provided the outriders to hold back the throngs.
It was founded by James Alfred Moore in 1903 on the corner of Waverley Road and Warwick Road, and moved to its present location three years later.
Many employers want to spend money on benefits for their employees, not on taxes on insurance premiums," said Alfred Moore, chief executive officer of third-party administrator Wausau Benefits.
Moore County, formed in 1784, was named for Alfred Moore, an officer in the American Revolutionary War and associate justice of the U.
Former detective Steve Lawson has been campaigning to clear the name of Alfred Moore for over a decade, alongside Moore's surviving daughters, and is now being assisted by an experienced QC who has agreed to work on a pro bono - voluntary and without payment - basis.
They have pioneered a successful alternative health care purchasing platform that creates informed health care consumers by enabling individuals to differentiate providers on cost and quality measures," said Fiserv Health group president Alfred Moore.
Although an arrest was made and the suspect Alfred Moore hanged, no gun was ever found and there is a theory that the true killer ran away.
We gain scale and expand our capabilities in retiree administration, an area of business where we excel," said President and CEO Alfred Moore.
Retired officer Steve Lawson said he will launch another appeal to posthumously quash the conviction of Kirkheaton farmer Alfred Moore.
We believe it is vitally important to the success of our customers and our own organization to maintain a high level of quality and excellence in all of the services we offer," said Alfred Moore, Wausau Benefits President and CEO.