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Writing to the Tennysons, Lear provided a 'little' description of three pages long, explaining how this 'single line' of 'that greatest of Word=landscape=painters, Alfred Tennyson, has placed a well known scene once before me [...] in the almost reality of recollection':
Cameron was a narrative photographer, often choosing titles that suggest a hidden plot, whether directly (as in the series requested by her friend Alfred Tennyson to illustrate his Idylls of the King), or more allusively.
An audit of the variety of influences on 11-year-olds in this media-rich age compared starkly with the confines of 11-year-old Alfred Tennyson's isolation in 1820.
Using Alfred Tennyson's poem "The Lotus Eaters" as a metaphor for Vancouver's culture, Rotberg portrays Vancouver as a city of greed, narcissism, and consumerism whose inhabitants exhibit an inauthentic progressivism that ignores issues of morality and social justice.
Other archives concern The National Portrait Gallery, a Glaswegian carpet firm, and former Poet Laureate Alfred Tennyson.
The Georgian hotel had many illustrious guests before it closed 20 years ago, including Jane Austin, Alfred Tennyson and Dwight D.
IF YOU know your Alfred Tennyson from your William Wordsworth and your Henry James Pye from your Cecil Day- Lewis, then this is likely to be right up your street.
Since then, the post has been filled by such figures as William Wordsworth, Lord Alfred Tennyson, Robert Bridges and, lately, Ted Hughes and Andrew Motion, who served for the newly reduced term of 10 years rather than life.
Celebrated in Lord Alfred Tennyson's poem The Revenge.
The ring was originally a gift to Dickens from the famous poet Alfred Tennyson.
A DIAMOND ring given to the author Charles Dickens by his poet friend Lord Alfred Tennyson is due to be auctioned.
About what did Alfred Tennyson write: "Into the jaws of death/Into the mouth of Hell."?