Alfred University

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Alfred University,

at Alfred, N.Y.; state and private support; coeducational; opened as a school 1836, chartered 1857 as Alfred Univ. It is especially known for the College of Ceramics, which is among the few institutions in the United States offering a doctoral program in ceramics. The college is administered by Alfred Univ., although it is a division of the State Univ. of New York.
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He is the Director and Chief Curator of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum as well as professor and the Robert C Turner Chair of Ceramic Art at Alfred University.
Sundaram, Inamori Professor of Materials Science in the Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering at Alfred University, will receive $840,000 for "Alternative High-Performance Ceramic Waste Forms.
Stangle-Castor received her Bachelor of Arts in biology from Alfred University in Alfred, N.
Consider, for example, the Queen's University Belfast course on Jedi mind tricks, the Art of Walking, offered by Kentucky's Center College, or even Alfred University in New York's Maple Syrup -- The Real Thing, a course which looks into the profession of making maple syrup.
After all, Mehta's mostly bleak stories, about young gay men of Indian origin in America, coupled with his own profile as an English lecturer at Alfred University in West Virginia led us to presume that Mehta would be the sombre, professorial type.
The Galanis Family and Alfred University share the values we have as a company, and it is an honor to be recipients of this award that hits so close to our hearts.
Founded in 1981, Hi-Tech Ceramics' beginnings can be traced to a research project at Alfred University looking at high temperature reticulated ceramics.
Washington, April 4 (ANI): Scientists at Alfred University, US, have developed a process for making super-strong glass that is nearly unbreakable, even when dropped from 10 feet high onto a concrete floor.
Garrison received a bachelor's degree in ceramic science from Alfred University and a master's in materials science and engineering from MIT.
Some years ago I realized I was doing something like that with the Alfred University Honors Program, at first unconsciously, but then on purpose.
Miller at Alfred University for her research paper "Novel Processing of Microporous Glass-Ceramics for Gas Separation.