Alfred University

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Alfred University,

at Alfred, N.Y.; state and private support; coeducational; opened as a school 1836, chartered 1857 as Alfred Univ. It is especially known for the New York State College of Ceramics, which is among the few institutions in the United States offering a doctoral program in ceramics and glass science. The college is administered by Alfred Univ., although it is a division of the State Univ. of New York.
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He has been a faculty member at Yale University, Louisiana State University Medical Center, Loma Linda University, Clemson University, and Alfred University. Dr.
He is the Director and Chief Curator of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum as well as professor and the Robert C Turner Chair of Ceramic Art at Alfred University. Higby is a published authority on ceramic art, acknowledged for his articulate lectures, essays and critical evaluations.
Sreeram holds an undergraduate degree in ceramics engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology--BHU, Varanasi, India; a master's degree in glass science from Alfred University; and a doctorate from the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
He completed the four-year course of study in accounting at Alfred University earning his degree in business in only two years.
Educated first at Seoul National University and then in America, both at Alfred University and Pratt Institute, she is representative of a Korean generation that wants to investigate Western as well as Asian aesthetics.
Stangle-Castor received her Bachelor of Arts in biology from Alfred University, and her Ph.D.
Alfred University announced that two of the New York school's professors will receive a combined total of $1.72 million for research through the Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) of the U.S.
Scholes Library at the Alfred University in New York appointed Fang Wan as an assistant librarian in the areas of emerging technology and engineering.
Tests by Alfred University's NanoMaterials Innovation Center in New York found that Spheric's continuous microwave furnace reduced sintering time for nickel-zinc ferrites to four hours from nine hours and used 70 percent less energy.
Consider, for example, the Queen's University Belfast course on Jedi mind tricks, the Art of Walking, offered by Kentucky's Center College, or even Alfred University in New York's Maple Syrup -- The Real Thing, a course which looks into the profession of making maple syrup.
After all, Mehta's mostly bleak stories, about young gay men of Indian origin in America, coupled with his own profile as an English lecturer at Alfred University in West Virginia led us to presume that Mehta would be the sombre, professorial type.