Algerian Communist Party ACP

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Algerian Communist Party (ACP)


created as an independent party at a founding congress in October 1936. From 1920 to 1936, there were communist sections of the French Communist Party in Algeria.

From its very inception the ACP led the struggle of Algerian workers for social reforms and the improvement of the situation of the people and prepared the masses for the impending battle for the national independence of the country. The Communists of Algeria made a significant contribution to the heroic struggle of the Algerian people against the colonialists; they participated in this struggle with other patriots. In 1955–56 by the decision of the ACP armed Communist detachments of “liberation fighters” were created in a number of cities and villages of Algeria; in the summer of 1956, they merged into the ranks of the Army of National Liberation, which was directed by the political organization, the National Liberation Front (FLN). Many Algerian Communists perished in the struggle for the independence of their country, including the members of the Central Committee of the ACP Bouali Taleb, Muhamad Gerouf, Laid Lamrani, and Tahar Gomri. Believing that as a national patriotic organization the FLN could lead the country to national independence, Algerian Communists worked actively in its ranks; the ACP supported the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic at the time of the conclusion of the Franco-Algerian Évian Accords in March 1962.

In April 1962, the ACP published its program, which stipulated the necessity of liquidating colonial institutions and building an independent democratic state in Algeria. The program of the ACP called for agrarian reforms, the industrialization of the country, and the nationalization of the basic national resources. The 1964 program of the FLN had an anti-imperialist orientation and announced its “choice of socialism”; accordingly, the leadership of the ACP concluded that the patriotic and revolutionary democratic forces of the country could be unified around the FLN, which in perspective would lead Algeria towards socialism. It was recommended that the members of the ACP individually enter the FLN. In 1964–65 significant numbers of Algerian Communists were accepted into the FLN. After the events of June 19, 1965, the Algerian Communists announced the establishment of the Socialist Vanguard Party of Algeria.


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