Algimantas Vlado Stoshkus

Stoshkus, Al’gimantas Vlado


(Algimantas Vlado Stoškus). Born May 24, 1925, in Kaunas. Soviet master in stained glass. Honored Art Worker of the Lithuanian SSR (1965).

Stoshkus studied under S. Usinskas at the Kaunas Institute of Applied and Decorative Art from 1944 to 1950. He has taught at the Art Institute of the Lithuanian SSR in Vilnius since 1951. He works mainly in crushed or cast glass mounted in cement or reinforced concrete. Stoshkus’ art is characterized by multiplanar composition and bold colors. His works in crushed stained glass secured by plasticized cement include Mother Earth (1960–61, Gallery of Stained Glass and Sculpture, Kaunas) and Rest (1965, K. A. Korovin House of Art, Gurzuf). Stoshkus designed the stained-glass panel for the Lenin Memorial in Ul’ianovsk (1969–70, crushed and cast glass secured by reinforced concrete).