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a group of linguistically related Indian tribes, the earliest inhabitants of North America; they were hunters, fishermen, and early farmers.

The Algonquins lived in the vast expanse from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains. Territorially, four groups of Algonquins can be distinguished: northeastern—including the Cree, Montaignais, Naskapi, and Micmac; Atlantic—including the Abnaki, Narraganset, Massachuset, and Powhatan—who were almost completely exterminated in the early stages of the European colonization of the continent; central—including the Mohegan, Delaware, Miami, Illinois, Ottawa, Ojibway, Shawnee, the Algonquin proper, and Menominee—who left their mark on the toponymy; and western—Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Atsina. Remnants of Algonquin tribes live on reservations in the USA (100,000) and in Canada (75,000; 1961). The Salishan (12,000 in the USA, 15,000 in Canada) and the Wakashan (6,000 in Canada), tribes who live on the Pacific shore of North America, are linguistically close to the Algonquins.


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Robin Tinney, an Algonquin sculptor, has curated an exhibition entitled "Finding Critical Mass", which runs Aug.
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Meanwhile, the territory of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake has created wealth and jobs for the regional economy estimated at $100 million per year as a result of forestry, tourism and hydo-electric development.
SEVENTEEN DELEGATES representing ASSE, CSN, CUPE, Quebec Solidaire and other groups supportive of the indigenous struggle took part in a solidarity meeting at the invitation of the Algonquin community of Barriere Lake on July 20 and 21.
Barriere Lake has been without an officially recognized chief since last January, when Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin removed Jean-Maurice Mattchewan, the man who had led the Algonquins in their anti-logging campaign, as the community's long-time chief, saying he no longer represented the majority of residents.
Following that release, the parties engaged in extensive consultation efforts in order to garner feedback from Algonquin voters, stakeholder groups, elected officials and the general public, reads a press statement.
The Algonquins said they never objected to other activities on their land but uranium mining is a threat to the environment.
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