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see Ibn al-HaythamIbn al-Haytham
or Alhazen
, 965–c.1040, Arab mathematician. Ibn al-Haytham was born in Basra, but made his career in Cairo, where he supported himself copying scientific manuscripts.
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Asimismo, junto a la version latina de la obra de Alhazen (De aspectibus o Perspectivae) la obra de Witelo fue impresa en Basilea en 1572 por Friedrich Risner, con el titulo Opticae Thesaurus.
Roger Bacon (1214-1292) had argued, following Alhazen, that species, or visible form, entered from without via the senses, while William of Ockham (1285-1347) and the "nominalists" denied this.
He chronicles the efforts of legions of scholars, from the Arab mathematician Alhazen to isaac Newton, to explain the nature of light and color.
En la linea del analisis del pensamiento escotista, el medievalista brasileno Roberto Hofmeister-Pich (Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre) destaco que la superacion del modelo aristotelico de epistemologia en Duns Escoto era debido en gran parte a una influencia arabe, la del fisico Alhazen (Ibn al-Haytams).
Alhazen is best known for his efforts to produce a perceptual theory that would reconcile Euclid's Geometry with Galen's writings on the physiology of the eye.
Not only was such information about neurology and the lenses of the eyes centuries beyond Leonardo's reach, but, in the 1470s, the artist had little ability in Latin, and so even the writings of the medieval authorities on optics, Alhazen, Pecham, and Witelo were largely inaccessible to him.
Alhazen of Basra, the 10th century Iraqi scholar, had a portable tent room for solar observation and gave a full account of the principle.
In their efforts to explain the magic gifts, they refer to the stories of Pegasus and the Trojan horse (206-11); to accounts by Alhazen, Witelo and Aristotle on mirrors and reflections (232-35); to Achilles who had a spear comparable to the magic sword (238-40); to Moses and Solomon who possessed knowledge and skill akin to that given by Canacee's ring (250-51).
In early modern times, by which I mean the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this classical view began to undergo a change owing first of all to the new optics of Alhazen and his Western followers, who provided an important foundation for early modern science.
Si trovano anche opere di vario genere e provenienza (Bernelius, Gerberto, Tolomeo, Thebit [=Thabit ben Qurra] nella traduzione di Gerardo da Cremona; Alhazen, Alkindi, Tideus, Apollonio, Temistio, Varrone).
In 1837 their observations were discussed by Beer & Madler under their description of Alhazen in Der Mond, a monumental treatise which summed up much of what was known about the Moon by the dawn of the nineteenth century.
Close attention is given to the evolution of intentio in Arabic philosophy extending from Alhazen to Averroes, with acknowledgement that Averroes' views were used for conflicting purposes by thinkers such as Scotus and Ockham (pp.