Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana APRA

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Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana (APRA)


the petit bourgeois national reformist party of Peru. APRA was founded in Mexico in 1924 by a group of political émigrés headed by Haya de la Torre. Until 1927, it was a broad organization with the proclaimed purpose of establishing an anti-imperialist front. From 1927, after a group of leftist figures (who established the Communist Party in 1928) led by Mariátegui left APRA, it began to change into a petit bourgeois conspiratorial émigré organization with an an-ticommunist ideology. In 1931, APRA became an established party in Peru. (Since 1945 its official name has been the People’s Party.) APRA has rejected the anti-imperialist line which it proclaimed in the 1920’s, declaring that US capital stimulates the economic development of Latin America. The party’s policies are essentially determined by the interests of the upper bourgeoisie, which is tied to the monopolies of the USA. However, exploiting old anti-imperialist slogans, the leaders of the party still maintain a following among considerable groups of workers, tradespeople, and office employees. The party’s program proclaims its goal to be the establishment of social justice by means of class collaboration; it struggles actively against the Peruvian Communist Party and revolutionary Cuba. The party’s leader is Haya de la Torre. The party has a youth organization, Aprista Youth. Its newspaper is La Tribuna.


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