Alibek Fatakhov

Fatakhov, Alibek


Born 1910 in the village of Tsmur, in what is now Suleiman-Stal’skii Raion, Dagestan ASSR; died 1953 in Makhachkala. Soviet Lezghian writer.

In 1926 and 1927, Fatakhov attended a workers’ school in Baku. A journalist by profession, he began publishing literary works in 1928. Fatakhov developed genres new to Lezghian literature—the novel, narrative poem, and short story; his short stories include “The Father’s Testament” (1932) and “The Curse” (1933). His novel in verse, Broken Chains (1934), concerns the experiences of the Lezghian people. Fatakhov translated the Internationale and works by A. S. Pushkin, M. Iu. Lermontov, M. Gorky, and other writers.


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