Calif.: see SalinasSalinas
, city (1990 pop. 108,777), seat of Monterey co., W Calif.; inc. 1874. It is the shipping and processing center of a fertile valley famous for its grain and lettuce. Fruits, vegetables, cattle, and nursery and dairy products are also produced.
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The Viognier at Ojai Alisal Vineyard broke bud Jan.
Tenders are invited for Rehabilitation works of curtain walls on the facade of the Casado del Alisal street of the Jernimos building of the Prado National Museum.
It started on Stearns Wharf overlooking the harbor, where I ate a type of crab I had never seen before and then caught the wine tour bus that caused my perceptions to be gently fogged before taking me back in time to a 10,000-acre working cattle ranch called Alisal.
Seventeen-year-old Miguel Angel spends every minute after school at the Packing Shed, working out with the Alisal Boxing Club.
Tambien en esas lineas el entonces Prefecto daba algunas indicaciones practicas: conocer la Institucion General del Alisal Romano de Pablo VI, asi como los Prenotandos del Ordo lectionum Missae, junto con una celebracion que sea reverente.
Saddle up at Solvang's 10,000-acre dude ranch, alisal.
The Alisal Union School District numbers a dozen elementary schools in East Salinas, which is more than 90-percent Hispanic.
This home, which Lummis named El Alisal (the Alder Grove), was to accommodate not just his own immediate family but also to serve as a showcase for American Indian crafts and Spanish and Mexican American traditional practices.
109) William Hartnell had a house in town and a ranch in Alisal (now Salinas).
Esta obra ferroviaria, indujo a fundar el pueblo de Campo Quijano, en la entrada de la quebrada del Toro y de otros pueblos y caserios mas pequenos, a partir de las estaciones y apeaderos del tren: El Alisal, Chorrillos, Ingeniero Maury, Gobernador Manuel Sola, Puerta de Tastil, Tacuara y Diego de Almagro (Costello, 1996; Provincia de Salta, 2003).
en alisal, raro, epifito sobre Podocarpus parlatorei, 13-XI-1997, Cassa et al.