Alksnis, Adams Eduards

Alksnis, Ādams Eduards


(also Al’ksne). Born Feb. 27 (March 10), 1864, in Salisburg (now Mazsalaca); died Aug. 9 (21), 1897, in Rūjiena. Latvian realist, graphic artist, and painter.

Alksnis studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts from 1883 to 1892. He was the ideological leader of the progressive circle “Rūķis” (The Toiler). In his work, Alksnis turned to the history and life of the Latvian people. His 1896 water-colors The Sower, The Plowman, and others and his drawings on Latvian historical themes are all in the Art Museum of the Latvian SSR in Riga.


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