All-African Trade Union Federation

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All-African Trade Union Federation


founded in May 1961 at the first All-African Trade Union Conference, held in Casablanca (Morocco). The organization unites African trade unions taking positions supporting the anti-imperialist and anticolonialist struggle and favoring the autonomy and independence of the African trade union movement. The All-African Trade Union Federation (AATUF) includes the national trade union organizations of Mali, the Republic of Guinea, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, the People’s Republic of the Congo, and the progressive autonomous trade union centers of Nigeria, Dahomey and several other countries. In 1973 the total membership of trade unions belonging to the AATUF was approximately 3.8 million.

The second AATUF conference (July 1964, Bamako, Mali), which was attended by 102 delegates from 36 African countries, adopted the program and constitution of the organization. According to the constitution, AATUF is an African trade union center organizationally independent of international trade union associations. At the same time, AATUF stands ready to collaborate with all trade union organizations throughout the world on the basis of mutual understanding and noninterference in each other’s internal affairs. The federation conducts a struggle to unite the African trade union movement and is developing friendly ties with the World Federation of Trade Unions and with trade unions of the socialist countries.

The highest body of AATUF is its congress, convened once every three years. The general council, consisting of representatives from each trade union center, meets once a year. Ongoing work is carried out by the executive bureau and the secretariat. The chairman is Mahjub Ben Saddiq (Morocco, beginning in 1961).


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