All-Union Research Institute for Land and Forest Reclamation VNIALMI

All-Union Research Institute for Land and Forest Reclamation (VNIALMI)


an institute of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR. Founded in 1931 in Moscow, it was transferred to Volgograd in 1958. The institute devises methods for land and forest reclamation and agrotechnical measures, as well as the simplest hydrotechni-cal installations for combating soil erosion, dust storms, droughts, and hot dry winds to raise the productivity of farm crops and animals. It coordinates all land and forest reclamation research conducted in the territory of the USSR. As of Jan. 1, 1969, it had seven scientific departments; a department for the introduction and dissemination of advanced experiments; two laboratories; and the experimental stations Altai (Altai Krai), Achikulak (Stavropol’ Krai), Bogdin (Astrakhan Oblast), Kalmyk (Kalmyk ASSR), Novosil’skoe (Orel Oblast), and Povolzh’e (Kuibyshev Oblast). In addition, the institute maintains the Kamyshin and Kletskaia (Volgograd Oblast), Oblivskaia (Rostov Oblast), and Timashevo (Kuibyshev Oblast) support points; the Shakh-matovskii experimental and production nursery (Orenburg Oblast); and nine experimental farms with a total area of 40,000 hectares. It has a graduate school and publishes Trudy (issues 1–54, 1933–67).


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