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The contractor designed and prototyped the all-wheel steering mechanism design and assembly, and passed on the computer-aided design drawings and analyses to Murray's engineers, who readied the design for production.
Twin turbocharging, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, electronically controlled suspension, and automatically adjustable front and rear spoilers present technological overkill that appeals to a cadre of gizmo fanatics.
The company's Bobcat business unit exemplifies this effort with the development of the Toolcat work machine, a first-of-its-kind product that combines the features of its well-known loaders with all-wheel steering, multipurpose attachments and one-ton cargo-carrying capability.
Dynamic all-wheel steering is available as an optional extra.
It features the new A8's stiffer chassis and all-wheel steering system.
The fourth generation Megane is available in 25 different versions across six trim levels, including the new Megane GT with 4Control all-wheel steering, which is unique in the segment.
The GMK6300L is a six-axle, all-terrain crane that, in addition to its 300-tonne capacity and 80m-long main moom, features Grove's MEGATRAK independent suspension system and all-wheel steering.