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A broad walk, planted with trees on either side, usually at least twice as high as the width of the walk.
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Snow covered the hilltops surrounding the Battagram and Allai tehsils.
Carlos Benfeito, Allai founder, said, 'In order to do so we need an AI operational model that removes the barriers of adoption, the AI friction points so to speak.
Whenever this road is blocked for any reason the inhabitants of the Allai valley suffer great hardships in their routine life and shortage of food frequently occurs.
This is the 38th death anniversary of Sain Allai Baksh and it is the third and last day in Loran Batalkot .
Inaugurating three projects at the Governor's House on Monday, he said the two newly-completed hydel projects of Allai Khwar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Jinnah Hydro Project in the Punjab, along with the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, should be seen as measures to overcome the power shortage in the country.
The 560 MW Allai Khwar Hydropower Project, located on a tributary of the Indus in Battagram, Khyber is about to begin working on full capacity.
Lahore -- In yet another significant development towards completion of the 121 megawatt (MW) - Allai Khwar Hydropower Project, water filling in the reservoir has been started recently.
Out of these, six projects of about 400 MW including Jinnah Dam 96 MW, Gomal Zam Dam 17MW, Satpara Dam 17 MW, Allai Khwar 121 MW, Duber Khwar 130 MW and Jabban Dam 22 MW would be completed in 2012 while the work on Neelum-Jehlum with production capacity of 969 MW and Golen Gol with capacity of 106 MW was progressing at full swing, said the Chairman.
Er bod y tad yn weithiwr da, ni allai adael y tye i wneud fawr ddim, a chyn diwedd y gaeaf yr oedd tlodi wedi ei wneud yn ddigalon iawn.
2,173 million for Allai Khawar Hyrdro Power project, Rs.
Major Mohammed Abdullah Allai, Head of Road Safety at the Sharjah Traffic Police, said that the opening of the intersections aimed to allow motorists to use alternative routes.
Allai Newroz Telecom, which introduced a fibre optic network to the Kurdish area in 2009, has a four-year renewable contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government and provides services in Arbil, Sulaimaniya and Dahuk.