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an urban-type settlement in Ust’-Maia Raion, Yakut ASSR, located on the Allakh-Iun’ River (Aldan basin). Population in 1969, 2,600. Alluvial gold is mined.



a river in the Yakut ASSR, a right tributary of the Aldan. The river, 586 km long and with a basin area of 24,200 sq km, rises in the mountains to the southeast of the Verkhoiansk Range. For almost its entire length, it flows along the northwestern edge of the Iudoma-Maia uplands, in a deep and narrow valley; in the lower reaches it flows out onto a plain, where it becomes calm. It is fed by snow and rain, and in the spring the waters rise as much as 3–5 m. The Allakh-Iun’ is icebound for about 200 days, and the average annual discharge is 169 cubic meters per second. The chief tributaries are the Ancha (left) and Sakhara (right). The river is navigable during high water. Placer gold is found in the Allakh-Iun’ basin.

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