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Cunningham, Allan,

1784–1842, Scottish author. His collection of The Songs of Scotland, Ancient and Modern (4 vol., 1825) included his own "A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea," one of the best-known sea ballads. His six-volume Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects appeared from 1829 to 1833.
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A chapter follows on what the author calls "fakery", namely, the introduction as "traditional" of freshly-composed material conforming in some degree to the inherited styles, and discussion of the work of James Hogg, Allan Cunningham and Lady Nairne and her circle.
For information on how your organization can underwrite the event, please contact Allan Cunningham at 212.
She steps back in time for the likes of Caledonia, which marries Tony Cuffe's melody with age-old lyrics, and The Mermaid Of Galloway, written by Allan Cunningham, a neighbour of Robbie Burns.
Banks, in turn, was an influential patron and was critical in the appointments of botanists Robert Brown, Allan Cunningham and George Caley, all of whom collected specimens in Australia.
Robert Withington, former works manager and Allan Cunningham, formerly sales engineer, are the driving force.
They were described by Allan Cunningham in 1830, after which there was nowhere to store them and, as Peter Cunningham (son of Allan) wrote, Chantrey 'went to [their] thinning and destruction with a remorseless hand'.
COUSINS Mark Cooper and Allan Cunningham grew up as lads in neighbouring Old Swan streets and shared a passion for the Reds, writes Dawn Collinson.
This article closely examines Thomas De Quincey's account of his meeting with the Scottish poet and essayist Allan Cunningham.
For more information on these or any other events, please contact Allan Cunningham, vice president of marketing, at 212-313-9162 or acunningham@thedeal.
Company Sergeant Major Allan Cunningham said: "Today marks the final laying up of the old Argyll colours.
Smith's contemporary, the poet Allan Cunningham, ruined the reputation of the Yorkshireman Cromek by supplying fake songs for his Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song, and wrote a much-lauded poetry collection, The Songs of Scotland, in similar vein.
Attendees at our Health Care Innovations conference will hear directly from two pharmaceutical company executives who are in the market looking for new acquisition targets," said Allan Cunningham, director of sales and marketing for Dow Jones Financial Information Services.