Allen Welsh Dulles

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Dulles, Allen Welsh


Born Apr. 7, 1893, in Water-town, N.Y., died Jan. 29, 1969, in Washington, D.C. American statesman.

Dulles was a lawyer by profession. Between 1916 and 1926 he was in the diplomatic service. Later, he became a partner in a large law firm—Sullivan and Cromwell. During 1942–45 he headed the US political intelligence system in Europe, and in 1947 he began work in the US Central Intelligence Agency. Dulles served as director of the CIA between 1953 and 1961. He was one of the organizers of extensive US intelligence work, espionage, and sabotage against the USSR, the other socialist countries, and the national liberation movement. Dulles, as director of the CIA, and his brother J. F. Dulles exerted a strong influence on the shaping of the US government’s anti-Soviet policy during the 1950’s.

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In the latest installment of this fine series, Billy and his sidekick, Kaz, are being flown into the country to assist Allan Dulles and the OSS in an important mission, only to be shot down over southern Occupied France.
This can be proven by documents titled "Secret defense." The mission to assassinate Hammarskjold had reportedly been initiated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Maritime Institute of South Africa (SAIMR) and UK MI5 with the active complicity of the Union Miniere Du Haut Katanga (UMHK), and was codenamed "Operation Heaven." The head of Operation Celeste was none other than the CIA Chief Allan Dulles, who reportedly said: "Dag becomes troublesome and should be rejected." Dulles sent a telegram to his counterpart in Leopoldville Sept.