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I WAS interested to read Allan Ramsey's musings in Viewpoints June 30.
Speed limiters are not the answer FOR some months now, Talkback correspondent Allan Ramsey has been banging on about having all vehicles fitted with speed limiters.
Affected parties will be given 12 weeks to respond to the new consultation, said Allan Ramsey, a spokesman for the TfL.
The bust sits alongside works of art by the likes of portrait painter Allan Ramsey and landscape artist James McIntosh Patrick.
Dear Editor, Although I agree with some of the sentiments held by Allan Ramsey in his recent letter " What happened to our decent society" I feel his silly unfounded remark: "Once we had a health service to die for; now we have a health service that people are dying because of", is utter twaddle.
Allan Ramsey, 50, a gas fitter, of Allendale Road, whose house backs on to the murder scene, said: "The man has been there for about seven weeks.
Cup-tied Alan Paterson is the only absentee for the home side while the Fifers have major doubts over Scott Peters and Allan Ramsey.