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Allantoin and allantoic acid in tissues and stem exudates from field-grown soybean plants.
The possibility of differing catabolic enzymes for allantoic acid leading to differences in [N.
2] fixation tolerance to water deficit and response to Mn might be a key point of difference in discriminating between the enzymes for allantoic acid degradation, characterization of the eight tolerant PI lines identified by Sinclair et al.
Five weeks after transplanting, 5-mM allantoic acid (Sigma Chemical Co.
6 [micro]M Mn were treated by replacing the nutrient solution with 400 mL of nutrient solution containing 5 mM allantoic acid and the respective Mn concentrations.
1 except that intensive measurements of leaf ureide concentrations and degradation rates were made during the period of allantoic acid addition to the nutrient solution.
The petiole was placed in a test tube, one leaf per tube, containing either 5 mM allantoic acid or 5 mM allantoic acid + 50 [micro]M MnS[O.