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The progradation of gravelly braidplain deposits into northeastern Ohio (producing a coarsening-upward sequence) may suggest reduced tectonic subsidence for the Appalachian foreland basin at this time in this region, as supported by studies suggesting southward shifting of tectonic loads in the Alleghenian fold-and-thrust belt at this time (Robinson and Prave 1995).
Skehan and Rast (1990) suggested that the Bulgarmarsh terrane may have been thrust northwestward over the Pennsylvanian Narragansett Basin along the Beaverhead shear zone during the Alleghenian orogeny.
[sup.40]Ar/[sup.39]Ar ages from the Narragansett Basin and southern Rhode Island basement terrane: their bearing on the extent and timing of Alleghenian tectonothermal events in New England.
U-Th-Pb geochronology of the Massabesic Gneiss and the granite near Milford, south-central New Hampshire: New evidence for Avalonian basement and Taconic and Alleghenian disturbance in eastern New England.
This observation suggests that episode 3 activity was bracketed between the Pennsylvanian (?) deposition of the redbeds and the onset of extensional block faulting in the Triassic -- i.e., episode 3 is the best evidence for the Alleghenian orogeny in this part of eastern Maine.
The contacts of the WRF with the Halifax Formation lie within broad Alleghenian shear zones.
Peak-metamorphic porphyroblasts pre-d ate a transposition fabric developed in bounding Alleghenian shear zones.
1992) show that the higher grade, western portio n of the belt was remetamorphosed in the Alleghenian, making the discrimination of overprinting fabrics difficult to interpret.