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, Ger. Allenstein, city (1993 est. pop. 165,600), capital of Warmińsko-Mazurskie prov., N Poland. It is a trade, manufacturing, and railroad center, as well as a popular health resort.
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, Poland.
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"In an industry where downtime and delays are unacceptable, and documents number into the tens of thousands, James rises to the top," Allenstein said.
According to the legal papers, Allenstein, agreed to purchase a 25.5 carat diamond necklace as an anniversary present for his wife for 27,000 dollars in 1985.
Okorokov said to Kopelev, with respect to the denunciation written about him after his trip to Naidenburg and Allenstein (see below): "But you're a Jew after all.
East Prussia was divided between Belorussia and Poland in 1947, Allenstein renamed Olsztyn, and the country repopulated by Poles and Russians.
(Allenstein & Conrad, 2004), and the North America China Plant
(18.) In 1857, for example, Father Pruss in Allenstein, Prussian Ermland, reported to Archbishop Joseph Ambrose Geritz, Bishop of Ermland 1840-67, that Protestants and Jews "knelt together and wept at the sermons" during the mission festival in Allenstein.
"The aesthetics behind the [PSAs] and Web site are supposed to be a modern, clean look that kids would respond to," said Douglas Allenstein of Public Interest Productions, which helped create the campaign.
At the 1864 London Conference, the British government urged the use of a plebiscite to convert into lasting peace the temporary truce between Denmark and the Germanic powers over Schleswig-Holstein; (12) and after World War I, the British government proposed plebiscites in Allenstein on the German-Polish border and in upper Silesia.
Rabbi Schwarz had served in small town Prussian pulpits in Reichenbach, Allenstein, and Gumbinnen.
Das Graberfeld bei Kellaren im Kreise Allenstein. Sitzungsberichte der Altertumsgesellschaft Prussia, 21, 160-195.
THORSTEN ALLENSTEIN, MD, Triumph International, chats with Shuchi Jain
Eyed in the summer of 1942 at a Berlin boxing club by trainer Heinrich Vogler (Devid Striesow) for enrollment at the Napola in Allenstein, promising 16-year old pugilist Friedrich Weimer (Max Riemelt) skips out on his resigned mother, adoring young brother and disapproving father, who furiously reminds the boy "Hitler's Youth are bad enough, we won't have anything to do with these people."