Alliance Defense Fund

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Alliance Defense Fund

The Alliance Defense Fund views homosexuality as the single greatest threat to religious freedom in the United States.

Acoalition of thirty-five Christian Right groups founded the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) in 1993. The principal architects of the ADF included Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, Rev. Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association, and Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Alan Sears, executive director of Attorney General Edwin Meese’s Commission on Pornography during the Reagan administration, is president of the ADF, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona; Craig Osten, author of The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom, is its vice president.

What the Alliance Defense Fund Believes

  • Homosexuality creates pedophilia and other sexual crimes.
  • The ultimate goal of the gay rights movement is to silence Christians by making prolife demonstrations illegal and censoring all religious broadcasting. When the courts of the land have made homosexuality acceptable, Christians will be forced to accept gays as teachers, preachers, and scoutmasters.

Activities: The ADF has actively challenged the legality of gay marriage, adoption, foster parenting, domestic partner benefits, and service in the military.

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The Alliance Defense Fund is pleased to support this important pro-life effort through its nationwide network of allied attorneys who can assist people in properly completing their Will to Live.
If you see situations in which you believe the Christmas message is unfairly censored, seek the advice of Christian legal defense organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund (alliancedefensefund.
Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund warned that "the homosexual agenda and religious freedom are on a collision course.
Kevin Theriot, a lawyer with the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, said he and his client Harper are fighting for all students' civil liberties.
North Carolina pastor Valerie Pinnex was allowed to speak at the school only after Principal Catherine Richard received a threatening e-mail from the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative legal alliance group.
Under threat of a lawsuit from the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, the university promptly cleared Savage of all charges in April.
We want Christmas returned to America,'' said Jeremy Tedesco, litigation staff counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal organization that's waded into the holiday fray.
Conservative Christian legal powerhouses, the Alliance Defense Fund and the American Center for Law and Justice, received $663,100 and $137,850 respectively.
I decided to begin class with a statement from the Alliance Defense Fund, which was founded by leading members of the New Christian Right.
But the case quickly became the pet project of a little-known legal outfit of the Christian right, the Alliance Defense Fund.
Consumers can see arguments and evidence from the National Abortion Federation, Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund.
It makes no sense to tax churches and to limit their ability to provide their services, and it does damage to the constitutional separation between church and state," argues Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, which is representing Catholic and Baptist churches in the city of 10,000.
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