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in athletics: see amateuramateur,
in sports, one who engages in athletic competition without material recompense. Upper-class Englishmen in the 19th cent. used the concept to help define their social status, first applying the term to sportsmen who did not need to work with their hands as livelihood,
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The Allied Health Professionals Community of Practice will encourage and promote knowledge sharing, networking and learning among nurses, coordinators, physician assistants and other health professionals.
Asked if he would back the idea of paying off student loans for allied health professionals in exchange for five years service to the NHS, he said, ``I wouldn't want to rule it out if it secures the buoyancy of the profession.
Other shortages affecting allied health professionals, who are all supporting the campaign, include the radiographers, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.
The registration fee for the program is $15 for physicians and $10 for residents, medical students, allied health professionals and corporate executives.
TRSi is committed to make job training programs widely accessible to all allied health professionals with introductory pricing on all specialty and credentialing courses until December 31.
The Government recognises the work that allied health professionals do and the Chief Allied Health Officer will provide advice on how best to strengthen their role, said Ms Plibersek.
The telehealth network is used by community health nurses and other allied health professionals to provide a variety of services including counselling and medical referrals.
THE JOURNAL OF SUBACUTE CARE has a nationwide circulation of 25,000 including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, managed care executives, hospital administrators, academicians and others.

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