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Allistair Patrick Brooker was convicted in 2003 of disorderly behaviour for his actions when making a public protest in the street outside the home of a police officer.
Penny Banks, 49, and her husband Allistair, 52, said many people were "incredibly proud" of 24-year-old Mark.
Allistair Pitt, Principal of Jan Jonker Secondary School in Katutura, Windhoek, believes that Veronica de Klerk of Women's Action for Development (WAD), has played a significant role in the lives of women and children in Namibia.
BARMAN Allistair McLean couldn't believe his luck when he received a phone call telling him he had won pounds 145,000 in the Canadian Lottery.
Allistair Mitchell concocted a tale that a baby dragon created by German scientists in the 1890s and sent as a trick to the Natural History Museum in London, had been found in a suburban garage.
Joseph, rhythmically Hey, youpla hardjump for Allistair, emphatically all kind kaikai.
5 ARDS are expected to win the signature of Glentoran's Allistair McCombe ahead of Bangor.
"Tactical nuclear weapons pose unique dangers as weapons of terror," says Allistair Millar, vice president and director of the Fourth Freedom Forum's office in Washington, D.C.
Overlooked in the discussion of emerging nuclear threats to the United States are tactical weapons, said Allistair Millar, vice president and director of the Fourth Freedom Forum, in Washington, D.C., a research organizations that explores the use of economic incentives and sanctions to advance nuclear nonproliferation and resolve international conflicts.
Indian Affairs spokesman Allistair Mull was quick to disavow the remarks and attitudes attributed to the minister, saying the source was not from his department.
Nicoll, Allistair 1963/1988 The world of Harlequin.