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A rock that was transported a great distance from its original deposition by some tectonic process, generally related to overthrusting, recumbent folding, or gravity sliding.



an organism inhabiting some locality which, unlike an autochthon, arose in the course of evolution in some other place. It reached the regions inhabited at the present time by migrating from its own original center of distribution. For example, the opossum and several hummingbird species are allochthons of North America, which they entered from South America.

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The objective of this paper is to study modal analysis of different lithofacies of Northland Allochthon to infer relationship between sandstone composition and tectonic setting of displaced allochthonous unit.
The grain parameters counted are described in Table-II following the identification criteria by Dickinson (1970) and Ingersoll and Suczek (1979) for the modal composition of sandstone and siltstone for Northland Allochthon rocks, New Zealand.
In Sonora, it occurs as an allochthon emplaced upon Lower Cretaceous sedimentary formations (Radelli et al.
The San Hipolito Zone is an allochthon, the San Hipolito Nappe, which lies upon every one of the units of the Puerto Nuevo Sequence, including the so-called Puerto Nuevo melange, which in fact is a Serpentinite Breccia only.
K2O/Na2O vs SiO2 discriminant plot indicates the tectonic setting of Northland Allochthon rocks, New Zealand belong to active continental margin.
Depletion of Al is indicated by the replacement of plagioclase and matrix by calcite tends to behave like Ti as suggested by a positive correlation between these elements Key words: Northland Allochthon, Provenance, Tectonic Setting, Geochemical Analysis, X-Ray Spectrometer, Discriminant Diagram, Immobility of Elements.
The younger upper Windsor and Mabou Group beds that formed during second-stage extension are not overturned, and outside the younger second-stage detachment allochthon, where the older beds have been tilted only once, they are not overturned either.
Mobility and exclusion: Conflicts between autochthons and allochthons during political liberalization in Cameroon
Eight separate, stacked and folded allochthons comprised from multiple, north-verging thrust sheets of Devonian-Cretaceous sedimentary, volcanic or plutonic rocks have been identified as the western Brooks Range.
1) The indigenous categorizations of autochthons and allochthons are originates (natives) and non originaires (non-natives).
The interpretation has led to a greatly increased knowledge of the detail of the geology in the immediate Shoal Point area and to a better understanding of the tectonic evolution of both the Cambro-Ordovician platform and the allochthons of western Newfoundland.
Or vicious competition over turf, variously definable as parking spaces, routes or clientele, but also interpretable, just like rural land struggles, as competition between autochthons (insiders) and allochthons (outsiders, aliens).