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A rock that was transported a great distance from its original deposition by some tectonic process, generally related to overthrusting, recumbent folding, or gravity sliding.
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an organism inhabiting some locality which, unlike an autochthon, arose in the course of evolution in some other place. It reached the regions inhabited at the present time by migrating from its own original center of distribution. For example, the opossum and several hummingbird species are allochthons of North America, which they entered from South America.

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While issues such as social contacts with autochthones (of Dutch descent: autochtonen) and attitudes toward the Dutch society of "allochthones" (of non-Dutch descent: allochtonen) were already present in the minority reports of the 1990s, institutions such as SCP, CBS, and WODC started to include chapters on "socio-cultural integration" in the annual reports of 2005 until 2010.
The objective of this paper is to study modal analysis of different lithofacies of Northland Allochthon to infer relationship between sandstone composition and tectonic setting of displaced allochthonous unit.
K2O/Na2O vs SiO2 discriminant plot indicates the tectonic setting of Northland Allochthon rocks, New Zealand belong to active continental margin.
The younger upper Windsor and Mabou Group beds that formed during second-stage extension are not overturned, and outside the younger second-stage detachment allochthon, where the older beds have been tilted only once, they are not overturned either.
Modeling the LPD and SPD cognitive maps includes several stages: 1) defining basic situational formers that outline the communicative frame as a LPD and SPD situational 'skeleton'; 2) determining the LPD and SPD allochthons as a general complex of possible information elements; 3) determining autochthons as regular elements of LPD and SPD through the procedures of statistical verification of actuals.
The isolated strains are acclimated to the local environmental conditions of Baja California and therefore offer the opportunity of avoiding the introduction of allochthons strains.
Bambi Ceuppens in an article, Allochthons, Colonizers, Scroungers: Exclusionary Populism in Belgium" dilates upon this phenomenon in the following: In postcolonial Belgium, Flemish autochthony claims explicitly refer to Francophones as occupiers, colonizers, or imperialists invading their region or meddling in what they consider local affairs, while Francophone autochthony discourses claim the opposite".32 Belgium is thus home to, an oppressed majority".33 Actually both the ethno-linguistic groups seem to be in a position of parity.
allochthons. Autochthons are communities settled in the determined space from generation to generation, while allochthons are people moving in the space.
This little peak is located near the eastern edge of the Cordilleran allochthons in central Yukon, separated from strata of the North American shelf and slope by two major faults, the Tummel and the Tintina.
The same goes for the members of more recent immigrant groups, such as Turks or Algerians, who, inasmuch as they are "allochthons," are likewise conspicuously excluded from the protections laid down by the European conventions on "minority rights."