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A rock that was transported a great distance from its original deposition by some tectonic process, generally related to overthrusting, recumbent folding, or gravity sliding.



an organism inhabiting some locality which, unlike an autochthon, arose in the course of evolution in some other place. It reached the regions inhabited at the present time by migrating from its own original center of distribution. For example, the opossum and several hummingbird species are allochthons of North America, which they entered from South America.

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Geology and geochemistry of subophitic volcanic rocks in the Humber Arm allochthon, western Newfoundland, Canada.
Only the younger conglomerate-dominated succession within the second-stage allochthon dips north at moderate angles.
Mercury mineralization in the Poverty Peak district adjacent to the PPM property is hosted in Permian calcareous sandstone, calcareous shale, phyllite and siltstone within the Golconda allochthon.
The geology of the Horse Mountain project comprises upper-plate chert, chert-argillite and quartzite in the upper plate of the Roberts Mountain allochthon.