Allyl Alcohol

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allyl alcohol

[′al·əl ′al·kə‚hȯl]
(organic chemistry)
CH2CHCH2OH Colorless, pungent liquid, boiling at 96°C; soluble in water; made from allyl chloride by hydrolysis.
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Allyl Alcohol


an elementary unsaturated alcohol; CH2=CH−CH2OH. It is a colorless liquid with a sharp odor It boils at 96.9°C, and its density is 852 kg/m3; it mixes in any proportion with water, alcohol, or ether. Allyl alcohol is obtained by the hydrolysis of allyl chloride:


Allyl alcohol is an intermediate product in the production of glycerine, synthetic resins, and plastic materials.

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It could be seen that the byproducts of the whole reaction process included the unreacted raw materials such as dimethylamine ([(C[H.sub.3]).sub.2]NH) and allyl chloride (C[H.sub.2] = CHC[H.sub.2]Cl), the intermediate products such as dimethylamine hydrochloride ([(C[H.sub.3]).sub.2][N.sup.+][H.sub.2]Cl), allyldimethylamine (C[H.sub.2] = CHC[H.sub.2]N[(C[H.sub.3]).sub.2]) and its hydrochloride salt (C[H.sub.2] = CHC[H.sub.2][N.sup.+]H[(C[H.sub.3]).sub.2][Cl.sup.-]), and the other byproducts such as allyl alcohol (C[H.sub.2] = CHC[H.sub.2]OH) from the hydrolyzation of allyl chloride in alkaline medium and allyl aldehyde (C[H.sub.2] = CHCHO) from oxidation of allyl alcohol.
(2006) Catalytic, efficient, and syn-selective construction of deoxypolypropionates and other chiral compounds via Zr-catalyzed asymmetric carboalumination of allyl alcohol. J.
Administration of allyl alcohol and retrorsine leads to an elevation of GPT levels before surgery in comparison to the standard level of 48 U/L (Figure 4(f)).
The study concludes that the formation of allyl alcohol is bound to active sites associated with the kinks and rough edges of the abruptly terminated crystalline structure.
In May, SDK completed the expansion of its allyl alcohol production capacity at Oita Petrochemical Complex, raising the capacity from 56,000 tons a year to 70,000 tons a year.
First, a monomer is produced by reacting allyl alcohol and the acid phthalic anhydride.
In this study, we looked at the effect of styrene allyl alcohol (SAA) polyols as partial replacements for pentaerythritol (PE) and phthalic anhydride (PAN) in long-oil alkyds.
It is only after four in situ chemical transformations (oxidation to the selenoxide, [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement, a second oxidation and loss of allyl alcohol) that the true catalyst (4) is generated (equation 1).
Allyl alcohol as a by-product was removed by a Dean stark trap, and the removal of diols was prevented.
We initiated the synthesis of BH derived allyl alcohols with various aromatic aldehydes with methyl acrylate in the presence of DABCO.
Phosphotungstic acid (PTA) is efficient and eco-friendly catalyst in oxidation of organic compounds such as aromatic amines [10], aromatic alcohols [11], allyl alcohols [12], styrene [13], oximes [14], benzhydrols [15] etc.