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(älmä`, ăl`mə), city (1991 pop. 25,910), S central Que., Canada, on the Saguenay River. In 1954 its name was shortened from St. Joseph d'Alma. There are granite quarries in the region, and the town has pulp and paper and aluminum plants.


(al -mă) See Atacama Large Millimeter Array.



a river in Crimean Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, measuring 83 km from its source, the Sary-Su River. Alma’s upper reaches flow through the Crimean Preserve. The river empties into the Gulf of Kalamita in the Black Sea and has an average flow rate of 1.2 m3/sec. The river dries up for an average of two months a year and up to six months in dry years. In the lower reaches its water is used for irrigation. The river valley is planted with apple orchards.

On Sept. 8 (20), 1854, during the Crimean War of 1853–56, a battle took place on the Alma between the Russian troops under the command of Admiral A. S. Menshikov (33,600 men, 96 guns) and the combined French, British, and Turkish troops, which landed in Evpatoriia on Sept. 6 (18) under the command of Marshall A. J. Saint-Arnaud and General F. J. Raglan (55,000 men, 120 guns). The Russian troops, outflanked, outnumbered, and outgunned by the allies, suffered defeat and retreated to Sevastopol’. The Russians lost 5,700 and the allies 4,300 men, including 3,000 Englishmen.

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It was the sixth year Alma de Cuba had hosted the winner's party, which invites the public to continue the fun with samba dancers after Liverpool's sporting event of the year.
Se puede pensar que se que el alma es la mia por los recuerdos que guarda, como pensaba Locke, pero el alma que transmigra no conserva los recuerdos del alma que deja atras.
El interlocutor que Tomas tiene en ambos articulos es Platon, quien le atribuye un principio incorporeo al sentir, de manera que el alma es principio del sentir y el cuerpo es solo su instrumento.
Ya Aristoteles en De anima, hablaba del alma como sinonimo de vida: el alma es el principio de la vida, o si se quiere, en lenguaje aristotelico, la <<forma-acto>> del cuerpo (<<materia-potencia>>).
Existe un unico pasaje en el que San Agustin utiliza explicitamente el termino sustancial para referirse al modo de existir el conocimiento y el amor en el alma (15).
We are thrilled to be working with the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and are excited that the Alma platform will empower the library to become a cutting-edge center of educational and collaborative services, said Eric Hines, president of Ex Libris North America.
Alma Media Kustannus Oy, the company publishing Alma Media Group's regional, local and town papers, is a part of the Alma Regions business unit.
Magnetic fields at small scales that are inside star-forming concentrations of gas and dust can be studied by ALMA "by mapping the polarization of light emitted by dust grains that have aligned themselves with the magnetic field.
El termino [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] nombra, por una parte, un incidente que acontece y para el cual no se determina un agente que lo realiza y, por otra parte, se refiere a un estado del alma que es experimentado de forma involuntaria.
It is recommended that the readers acquaint themselves with the appendices which include exact and valuable information concerning Alma Fohstrom's life, concert appearances, and repertoire.
In order to effect the combination, Alma Media will make a voluntary public tender offer to purchase all of the issued and outstanding shares and option rights in Talentum that are not owned by Talentum or any of its subsidiaries.
By selling direct, Alma hope to be able to enter remote areas and gain the outreach that will allow the company to offer products and technologies to a wider audience.