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A meadow in alpine or subalpine mountain regions.
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On drawings, abbr. for “alarm.”
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application lifecycle management

The administration and control of an application from inception to its demise. Application lifecycle management (ALM) embraces requirements management, system design, software development and configuration management. It implies an integrated set of tools for developing and controlling the project. See requirements management, system development life cycle and configuration management.


An earlier client/server development system from Novell that supported Windows and Mac clients. It included Novell's Visual AppBuilder programming tool, which was used to create applications by linking pre-built Application Loadable Modules (ALMs) together. ALMs communicated with each other over a "software bus" known as the AppWare Bus.

Foundation libraries for Windows, Mac, OS/2, NT, Solaris, HP and UnixWare were originally created to provide cross-platform portability. However, in late 1994, Novell dropped the libraries, while continuing with Visual AppBuilder for Windows and Mac. Some of AppWare's Visual AppBuilder features and functionality were carried forward in Novell's exteNd product suite.
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The field didn't reach its capacity of 24, so Almen was invited as the 21st and final competitor based on her clearance at 5-9 1/4 last month during a meet at Oregon State.
IT'S NOT AL OVER YET: Almen Abdi (left) celebrates with Troy Deeney after giving Watford an 86th-minute lead
We tested as-received Almen strip (1480 MPa), additionally tempered strip (1100 MPa) and as-cast maraging steel strips (1000 MPa ) using both the DFT and SSI methods.
GREEN TEAM: Pupils, left to right, Elizabeth Titchener, Rhianne Jones, Issac Almen, Shaun Westmoreland, Victoria Cornelius and Oliver Bell with the flag Picture by MICHELLE MADDISON
Bill Almen, of Nuneaton-based Exitile, stepped down as branch chairman at the annual meeting held at Twycross Zoo and Jenny was seen as the ideal replacement to bat on the side of business in the area.
Representatives from companies in north Warwickshire were invited to the event at Twycross Zoo by Bill Almen, chairman of the northern branch committee of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.
Chaplain (Capt.) John Von Almen officiated after some initial hesitation.
The machine uses glass beads within the 100 to 800 micron size range and peening intensity varies between Almen 7N and 11N, according to the particular component and specification.
This kinetic energy is measured by a standard known as an "Almen" strip, described more fully below.
LOS ANGELES - Oregon State freshman Sara Almen didn't get the personal best she wanted on Saturday, but it's hard to be unhappy with third place in the high jump in her first appearance at the Pac-12 Track & Field Championships.