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A result that is not exact but is near enough to the correct result for some specified purpose.
A procedure for obtaining such a result.



replacement of certain mathematical objects by others which are in one sense or another close to the initial objects. Approximation makes it possible to study the numerical characteristics and qualitative properties of the object, reducing the problem to a study of simpler or more convenient objects—for example, objects whose characteristics are easily computed or whose properties are already known. The theory of numbers studies Diophantine approximations—in particular, approximations of irrational numbers by rational numbers. Approximations of curves, surfaces, spaces, and mappings are investigated in geometry and topology. Some branches of mathematics are wholly devoted to approximations, as, for example, the approximation and interpolation of functions and numerical methods of analysis. The role of approximation in mathematics is continually growing. Presently, approximation can be viewed as one of the basic concepts of mathematics.


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While it offers a cheaper option for the workers, for the hairdressers this is assured work, almost equal to one week's slogging at their shops.
Surrounding properties re-zoned industrial, & the price for this business/property almost equal to land value for industrial.
Their compression set reportedly is better than PVC and EVA and almost equal to TPV.
Sure, a ``subway to the sea'' sounds nice, something the Chamber of Commerce could sell to tourists and to justify the public subsidy of a downtown convention hotel - a sum almost equal to the cost of the Valley subway.
The combined maximum diving depths of which two animals featured above is almost equal to the diving depth of the emperor penguin.
The probability of an unwelcome fall in inflation had diminished in recent months and appeared almost equal to that of a rise in inflation.
If we progress it will be up there with some of the greatest moments in the club's history - almost equal to the run to the quarter-finals against Bayern Munich in 1989.
The losses, to be recorded as extraordinary losses in consolidated results, are almost equal to the book value of shares Mitsui and Mitsubishi have in Poweredcom, a telecommunications operator affiliated with Tokyo Electric Power Co.
The European Union is now almost equal to the US in economic terms, but does not have the united foreign policy needed to direct any common military force, even if it wished to.
Despite remaining at the number two spot, China's share of world rubber consumption is now almost equal to that of the U.
Through new technologies that allow for greater bandwidth, the resulting performance and speed over the Internet is almost equal to having a server on site.