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Their positions are shown on the map for February 28 when Ceres lies exactly on a line between Alnath and Tau Tauri.
On April 22nd the waxing lunar crescent is below Venus, and then on the 23rd it is upper left of Venus and right between Mars and similarly bright Alnath.
EW products include Eurofighter DASS, MIDS, C-295 transport aircraft EW; P-3 EW; and Aldeberan and Alnath shipboard EW for the F-I 00 frigate.
An 8[degrees] field includes the Moon, Venus, Mars, the star Alnath (Beta Tauri), and the open star cluster NGC 1746, which shows beautifully in binoculars and small telescopes.
And by his eighte speere in his wirkyng And by the eighth sphere in its working He knew ful wel how fer Alnath was shove He knew full well how far Alnath was shoved Fro the heed of thilke fixe Aries above, From the head of that fixed Aries above, That in the ninthe speere considered is; That in the ninth sphere considered is; Ful subtilly he kalkuled al this.
El Nath, or Alnath, helps complete the pentagon of Auriga but is really Beta Tauri, for it marks the more northerly of the Bull's horn tips.