Alois Walde

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Walde, Alois


Born Nov. 30, 1869, in Innsbruck; died there on Oct. 3, 1924. German linguist and etymologist.

Walde was a professor at the universities of Innsbruck (1897-1909 and 1912-22), Glessen (1909M2), Königsberg (1922), and Breslau (1922-24). His chief works are A Latin Etymological Dictionary (1906), The Italic Languages (1916) and An Indo-Germanic Etymological Dictionary. (Work on the dictionary was completed by J. Pokorny.)


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(70) Finally, Alois Walde also suggested the possibility of borrowing Slavic vald- from Germanic but was hardly emphatic or specific regarding the matter.
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(49) In addition to the scholars mentioned above, Schmidt notes that the dictionaries by Max Vasmer and Alois Walde do not support the argument for Slavic -mir being a borrowing from Germanic.
Hans Basboll (1993) (3) offered an explanation strikingly similar to that proposed by Alois Walde (1900) (4) over a hundred years earlier.