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1. (in the European Alps) an area of pasture above the valley bottom but below the mountain peaks
2. a high mountain
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A list processing extension of Mercury Autocode.

["ALP, An Autocode List-Processing Language", D.C. Cooper et al, Computer J 5:28-31, 1962].
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Credit Des Alpes also said it had been co-operating with the Miami-based company in clients' consulting on property deals in the city since 2007.
Orc's server-based technology will be both hosted at Alpes and co-located at the exchange.
Operating on a 12 V battery, ALPES consumes less than 12 W of power.
Compagnie des Alpes acquired its original 60% stake in STVI in October 2007 and had an option to buy the remaining 40% in 2013.
The agreement means Alpes will be able to provide its execution services in the Brazilian to counterparties across the world.