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A hereditary form of hemolytic anemia resulting from a defective synthesis of hemoglobin: thalassemia major is the homozygous state accompanied by clinical illness, and thalassemia minor is the heterozygous state and may not have evident clinical manifestations. Also known as Mediterranean anemia.



(also thalassanemia), a familial hemolytic anemia, first detected in 1925 among inhabitants of the Mediterranean region. Thalassemia is caused by disturbances in hemoglobin synthesis.

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Alpha thalassemia is caused by mutations in the alpha globin gene locus on chromosome 16.
showed that coinheritance of alpha thalassemia with homozygous beta thalassemia resulted in melioration of the beta thalassemia.
This finding is similar to the results of the work of Old and colleagues, where combination of a certain type of Hb-J (Hb J-Tongariki) and alpha thalassemia robustly affected the red cell indices.
A test called mutational analysis can help detect alpha thalassemia that cannot be seen with hemoglobin electrophoresis.
The severity of alpha thalassemia is correlated with the number of affected globin loci:
Although the incidence studies of alpha thalassemia in Turkey are rare, more frequently hemoglobin H disease has been observed in south of Turkey, The molecular basis of Hb H disease was studied and mutations - [alpha]3.
In conclusion, the results suggest that anaemia among Ahvaz adolescent schoolgirls cannot be solely explained by iron deficiency although it consist about half of patient and other causes like alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia may play significant role in anemic students.
9), 1 had alpha thalassemia alone, 1 had coexisting alpha-thalassemia and hemoglobin AS, and 1 had hemoglobin SC.
An association between hypertension and the "silent carrier" state for alpha thalassemia [Abstract].
Kan applied this discovery to the development of a DNA test that was used successfully in 1976 to diagnose alpha thalassemia in an unborn fetus.
7) Both HPLC and CE can detect alpha thalassemia in newborns, since various levels of Hb Barts (depending on the number of alpha-gene deletions) will be present in the sample.