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Alpha emitters can induce DNA lesions in stem cells that result in the transmission of chromosomal instability to their progeny (Kadhim et al.
"EDF should have tested for alpha emitters prior to the dumping.
Alpha emitters deposit higher energy over a significantly shorter distance versus beta emitters, providing single-cell kill while leaving normal surrounding tissue unharmed.
The high linear energy transfer of alpha emitters may cause double-strand DNA breaks in adjacent cells, resulting in an anti-tumor effect on bone metastases.
Thorium and uranium isotopes' radiation, as well as radiation of alpha emitters, can lead to soft error occurrences in memories.
Furthermore, multiaberrant cells, characteristic for incorporated alpha emitters, were identified well beyond 100 km from Chernobyl, whereas plutonium particles were found as far away as Norway, contradicting "negligible exposure levels" beyond 100 km [International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) 2006; Schmitz-Feuerhake 2006; Schmitz-Feuerhake et al.