Alphonse Mucha

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Mucha, Alphonse

(älfôNs` mo͝okh`ä), 1860–1939, Czech artist. Mucha's art nouveauart nouveau
, decorative-art movement centered in Western Europe. It began in the 1880s as a reaction against the historical emphasis of mid-19th-century art, but did not survive World War I.
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 style, characterized by twisting, swirling flower and hair motifs, set the style for poster art for a generation. He created celebrated posters for Sarah BernhardtBernhardt, Sarah
, 1844–1923, stage name of Rosine Bernard, French actress, b. Paris. At age 13 she entered the Paris Conservatory, and later attracted attention during appearances at the Odéon (1866–72).
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 and designed sets and costumes for her plays. In his later works, primarily academic paintings, Mucha glorified the Slavic peoples.


See biography by his son, J. Mucha (1966); his posters and photographs, ed. by J. Mucha et al. (1972); his graphic work, ed. by J. Mucha (1974); his work in general, ed. by A. Husslein-Arco, J. L. Gaillemen, M. Hilaire, and C. Lange (2009).

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Alphonse Mucha - Waverley Cycles, 1898 Picture: (c) MUCHA TRUST 2016
If you want more culture, there's also a small Museum of Decorative Arts and the charming Alphonse Mucha museum, which is dedicated to one of the greatest exponents of the Art Nouveau style - evident all over the city in which he lived.
From Beardsley's delightful pictures, with their swooping, swirling, and elaborately turned lines, to the staggering in-your-face illustrations of architecture by the likes of Victor Horta and Van de Velde, to what might be called the spiritual pornography of Alphonse Mucha, the overpowering impression is one of a deliberate, conscious effort to find novel terms of expression (the term Art Nouveau can mean either "New Art" or "Novel Art") for the sake of innovation itself.
In this episode he works his DIY magic using inspiration from Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha transforming a Blackpool semi detached into a turn-of-the-century French bourdoir.
Ian Bruce Eichner, president of Eichner Enterprises, a major Manhattan-based developer that includes the CitySpire building, installed a 6-by-2-foot work by Art Nouveau poster artist Alphonse Mucha behind the concierge's desk.
Art nouveau borders and coiled light fixtures evoke Alphonse Mucha and turn-of-the-century France.
FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool, 0871 902 5737 - Thurs, 26 Oct Alphonse Mucha - In Quest of Beauty Czech-born Alphonse Mucha (1860 - 1939) is recognised as one of the most prominent artists of the Art Nouveau movement, producing iconic works including Gismonda, the artist's first poster design for the actress, Sarah Bernhardt.
York was reproducing an intricate work by Alphonse Mucha, the famed painter and decorative artist, noting she selected the image because it would take some time but acknowledged that it was "a little ambitious.
See the illustrated fairy tales of English artist Arthur Rackham and the famous pictures of the great actress Sarah Bernhardt by poster designer Alphonse Mucha and you''''ll never forget the femme fleur.
Postcards and advertising were married from the start and some of the advertisements were superb pieces of art in their own right, often employing the finest artists of the day such as Toulouse-Lautrec or Alphonse Mucha.
Behrens draws inspiration from Impressionism and Art Nouveau and artists like Lyonel Feininger and Alphonse Mucha, Her own design background is evident in the style of her oil paintings; rather than painting flowers exactly how they appear in nature, Behrens decides her own way to put highlights into them.
Both color and b&w drawings by artists like Alphonse Mucha, M.