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a mass educational, sports, or jubilee mountain climb.

An educational alpiniade involves a hike in a mountainous area, ending with the climbing of a summit. People who have fulfilled the alpiniade program receive the badge “USSR Alpinist.” The first educational one, the Red Army Alpiniade, was held in 1933—the ascent of Elbrus, 58 participants.

Sports alpiniades follow a program involving climbs and itineraries of different degrees of complexity, with the aim of training officially rated sportsmen.

Jubilee alpiniades are held to mark some memorable event. The 90th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin (1960) was marked by an ascent of Kazbek by 1,200 persons and Elbrus by 1,400 persons. The 50th anniversary of the October Revolution (1967) was marked by an ascent of Kazbek by 1,500 persons and Elbrus by 2,000; more than 300 athletes from nine countries—the USSR, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Italy, the GDR, Poland, and Yugoslavia—climbed the Peak of Lenin, 7,134 m above sea level.


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