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Alsation scored to put Yemen ahead and pave the way for their victory that was consolidated in the 65th minute when they scored their second tally in the 65th minute through Mohammed Barons.
The Alsation had forced open a gate to reach the other animal and dragged it into the road.
He's definitely a Heinz 57 crossbreed, but we think he has some Alsation and Bull Terrier in him.
There stood a suicidal looking Alsation chained to the wall in the midday sun.
My two brothers were billeted with a woman who used to lock them in the bedroom while she went out leaving one or two alsation dogs in the house with them.
The 30-year-old, of Phylis Avenue, New Malden, Kingston upon Thames, who has a previous conviction for soccer-related disorder, was bitten by the handler's Alsation and arrested.
The path takes you through some fields, over a new footbridge and uptowards a couple of farms (watch out for the over-enthusiastic Alsation puppy).
Progressive Networks is alsation platform for streaming multiple datatypes.
Making the trips around that time were myself, my cousin Christine from Billingham, and various other aunts and family members, plus some other local children and often my beloved Alsation dog Kim.
Drive On Sonic is likely to replace the withdrawn Monlesa Alsation in heat 11, a race chock full of early pace.
He made the gaffe during a speech in the Alsation town of Truchtersheim, which is less than 20 miles from the German border.
Craig has already added more CCTV cameras and plans to buy two Alsation dogs to help prevent further break-ins.