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Under the terms of the agreement, AltaVista users who click on the `Autos' Web Resources link on the AltaVista.
One of several SUPERSTITIAL campaigns run by AltaVista, the "Rock the Vote" SUPERSTITIAL campaign launched earlier this month, is a key component in Rock the Vote's drive to register young voters and alert them to presidential campaign issues.
In these cases, selecting "English" from the pull-down language menu on the search box will cause AltaVista Prisma terms to appear if sufficient English language Web results exist.
AltaVista is the second most popular referral engine in the world.
AltaVista and Overture have also announced agreements to serve users of AltaVista's German and UK-based Internet search sites (www.
This release contains forward-looking statements which address a variety of subjects including, for example, the expected benefits of the agreement between AltaVista and NOW and the expected interoperability of the technologies and products of AltaVista with those of NOW.
Kevin Eyres, general manager of AltaVista, said that the company was concerned to learn of the block and that work is being carried out on how to provide an alternative method of accessing the site to Chinese Internet users.
This is an ideal method for businesses to control the submission process of URLs and to drive traffic to their sites," said Chris Kermoian, director, Search Services and Web Marketing Services for AltaVista.
Aqueduct, a leading provider of outsourced sell-side e-commerce services to brand name product manufacturers, today announced it will use AltaVista search software to improve the speed and relevancy of search within its clients' online stores.
Fast Search & Transfer(TM) (FAST(TM)), the leading developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, today announced the acquisition of the AltaVista enterprise search business, including more than two hundred customers, from Overture Services, Inc.