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see AltaiAltai
or Altay
, geologically complex mountain system of central Asia; largely in the Altai Republic, Russia, and in Kazakhstan, but extending into W Mongolia (where it is called the Mongolian, or Gobi, Altai), and into N China.
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, mountain system, Asia.
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As his object of study, Altay took Utrecht, a city famous (or notorious) in Holland for its more than four hundred public artworks.
Altay began to spirit away possessions - including pony club badges, old coins, and gems - and may even have noted some thefts in a diary.
Altay stole a ring, a toilet bag, and badges from Styford Hall as well as a collection of coins from a cupboard in the study.
UAE investments in Turkey totalled $4 billion in the tourism and energy sectors last year, Altay said.
Altay is an IT professional services company that designs, implements, and supports single- and multi-vendor data solutions.
The company ships its products to over 60 regions of the country and owns three milling plants in Altay and Krasnoyarsk territories.
Local authorities said Saturday no one was killed or injured in Alakak County, Altay City, where the flood, triggered by days of downpours, occurred.
In Altay, the report quoted a local public security bureau official as saying five attacks were reported as of Tuesday, four of which were ''false alarms.
The Trainer Monument (Prototype) will be created by Can Altay at the Static Gallery in Roscoe Lane.
The pipeline will connect from Altay to the west-to-east natural gas transmission project that extends to coastal China.
Fue en 1993 cuando los arqueologos rusos excavaron en la republica autonoma de Gomo-Altay en el valle de Ukok de los montes Altay, fronterizos con China, la sepultura de una mujer cuya momia se conservo bastante bien, puesto que fue enterrada en una capa de suelo de congelacion perpetua.
Altay swooped down the outside under Tony Hamilton and avoided the traffic problems that many of those who raced close to the inside rail encountered, notably stablemate Paparaazi and the James Given-trained Riley Boys.