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Altdorfer, Albrecht

(äl`brĕkht ältdôr`fər), 1480–1538, German painter and engraver. He served as city architect of Regensburg, where much of his life was spent. Although influenced by Dürer, Altdorfer's works are less severe in mood. Altdorfer may have been the first German to paint pure landscape, of which the Danube Landscape at Regensburg (1522–25) is typical. His varied subject matter included allegorical and biblical themes such as Susannah at the Bath (1526) and Birth of the Virgin (c.1521). The Battle of Alexander (1529) displays his penchant for detailed, panoramic vistas. All four works are in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich. Equally skilled at woodcutting and engraving, Altdorfer often executed one subject in a variety of media.
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This is the case in Altdorfer's forest views, Piranesi's Carceri, and the bird's-eye views of photographers such as Cartier-Bresson.
Although Cranach and Albrecht Altdorfer are often coupled as members of the Danube School, there is no evidence, but a strong possibility that they knew each other.
The quality of the data is undoubtedly compromised because of the problem of coverage error and the degree of Internet penetration associated with it (Dillman, 2000; Dillman & Bowker, 2000; Mann & Stewart, 2000; Bandilla, Bosnjak, & Altdorfer, 2003).
Many significant early modern artists depicted this subject, including Jan van Eyck, Albrecht Altdorfer, Lucas van Leyden, Lucas Cranach, Lambert Lombard, Hendrik Goltzius, Jan Saenredam, Carlo Cignani, Guercino, Ludovico Carracci, Cigoli, and Artemisia Gentilleschi, to name only a few.
Contrariamente ao que acontecia na Italia, os artistas alemaes, entre os quais Durer, Baldung, Cranach, o Velho, e Altdorfer, renunciaram a ficar restritos as tematicas classicas para representar mulheres nuas, sendo famosos por suas incriveis cenas de bruxas e sabbats.
He came to know the works of such greats as Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Bruegel the Elder, and Albrecht Altdorfer. He painted portraits of the imperial family and the first series of his Four Seasons, composite heads with allegorical meanings.
1508-1550) famously commissioned the painted cycle of sixteen virtuous heroes and heroines that included Albrecht Altdorfer's (ca.
Jones argues that Marlowe's imagination was captured by the same fascination with vastness that emerged in sixteenth-century Europe generally, especially as manifested in the gigantic battle scenes of painters such as Albrecht Altdorfer, where thousands of soldiers might be depicted fighting on every square inch of a vast plain set in an apocalyptic landscape.
Claudia Albes investigates the ecphrasis in Nach der Natur of several key paintings-for a writer who otherwise makes extensive use of images in his prose, these pictures by Grunewald, Durer, and Altdorfer are indeed conspicuously absent from Sebald's printed text.
En una sala de la Alte Pinakothek de Munich cuelgan cuatro cuadros emblematicos del arte aleman en el transito del medioevo al renacimiento: <<Autorretrato con pelliza>> y <<Los cuatro evangelistas>> de Durero, <<La batalla de Alejandro>> de Altdorfer, y <<Lamentacion bajo la cruz>> de Cranach.