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Altdorfer, Albrecht

(äl`brĕkht ältdôr`fər), 1480–1538, German painter and engraver. He served as city architect of Regensburg, where much of his life was spent. Although influenced by Dürer, Altdorfer's works are less severe in mood. Altdorfer may have been the first German to paint pure landscape, of which the Danube Landscape at Regensburg (1522–25) is typical. His varied subject matter included allegorical and biblical themes such as Susannah at the Bath (1526) and Birth of the Virgin (c.1521). The Battle of Alexander (1529) displays his penchant for detailed, panoramic vistas. All four works are in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich. Equally skilled at woodcutting and engraving, Altdorfer often executed one subject in a variety of media.
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La minuciosidad con la que Altdorfer ejecuta los detalles de los arboles no se debe tanto a que reclame del espectador una contemplacion individual, recogida y a corta distancia (3), cuanto a que le ofrezca una extension sobre la que el ojo pueda posarse y recorrerla como la mano el pelaje de un animal.
En una sala de la Alte Pinakothek de Munich cuelgan cuatro cuadros emblematicos del arte aleman en el transito del medioevo al renacimiento: <<Autorretrato con pelliza>> y <<Los cuatro evangelistas>> de Durero, <<La batalla de Alejandro>> de Altdorfer, y <<Lamentacion bajo la cruz>> de Cranach.
For example, Schama demonstrates convincingly how nationalism in Germany was inseparable from its extensive "wild" forest areas, from the sixteenth-century paintings of the landscape artist Albrecht Altdorfer to the twentieth-century mythology of the Nazis.
The fish fed freely despite the cold - the competitors had to break the ice before they could start - with Jem Paveley weighing in 16lbs 15oz and third place Karl Altdorfer scaling 11lbs 10oz.
In 1941, he published in the American journal View a list of his favorite artists, including Altdorfer, Cranach, Uccello, Carpaccio, Seurat, the Douanier Rousseau, and van Gogh.
Recuerda las imagenes del tapiz de Bayeux, las cronicas de Jean Froissart, la batalla de Alejandro en una casa de Pompeya, la misma batalla representada por Altdorfer, la batalla de San Romano de Ucello, en todos ellas ve lo colectivo, la multitud, el drama de la confusion.
For example, he compares the contrast between material Orthodox and nonmaterial gnostic "artists" to much later pairs of contrasting artists such as Memling and Altdorfer or Matisse and Malevich (92).
A grandiose canvas by Albrecht Altdorfer, the Battle of Alexander at Issos (1529, Munchen, Alte Pinakothek), offers a rare aerial view of the Earth, evoking a geographer's perception of a large section of our planet, including the curving of the horizon.
This reviewer might have omitted Altdorfer in favor of an expanded treatment of Holbein and Baldung Grien, but that is a minor issue.
Painting: The Battle of Issus, 1529, Albrecht Altdorfer, Alte Pinakothek, Munich.
If this material was delivered in its entirety, then the Altdorfer audience was given a virtual primer of Swiss history, the recitation of which must have been fully as important as the action-packed play itself.
Galiano (504) 341-1748 USS LCS(L) #11: Charles Breese (619) 596-1663 USS Lenoir AKA74: David Altdorfer (412) 781-0959 USS Lexington CV16/CVA16/CVS16/CVT16/AVY16: John Miller, Jr.