dissociative identity disorder

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dissociative identity disorder:

see multiple personalitymultiple personality,
a very rare psychological disorder in which a person has two or more distinct personalities, each with its own thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior.
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Nathan, however, focuses not on the harm of the diagnosis but on debunking one famous story of the disorder, and on therapists who persuade patients that they were abused and push them to come up with alternate personalities. Of course such manipulation is terrible when it happens--and it does--but it is not frequent, despite Nathan's unsupported assertions.
But what is most striking about the American personae assumed by the stilyagi was that these alternate personalities were built out of vulgarisms.
"They have alternate personalities as furry creatures, calling themselves things like Timberwolf or Squirrel Nutkin."
One of them is Susannah Card, beautiful, accomplished, and an MPD with a whole clutch of alternate personalities locked into her psyche.
ROBIN Williams will utilise all his talents for mimicry in the real-life role of Cameron West, a man with 24 alternate personalities, ranging from an eight-year-old boy to an elderly woman.

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