Alternating Series

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alternating series

[′ȯl·tər·nād·iŋ ′sir·ēz]
Any series of real numbers in which consecutive terms have opposite signs.

Alternating Series


an infinite series whose terms are alternately positive and negative:

u1 - u2 + u3 - u4 + … + (-I)n-1un + …

for uk > 0. If the terms of an alternating series monotonically decrease (un+1 < un) and tend toward zero (lim un = 0), then the series is convergent (the Leibniz theorem). The remainder of the convergent series

rn = (-1)nun+1 + …

has the sign of its first term and is less than this term in absolute value. Some very simple examples of convergent alternating series are

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Four teams are left standing in the race for the PBA Philippine Cup crown and starting tonight, it will be everyday PBA in the two best-of-7 semifinal pairings up to at least Game 4 of the alternating series on March 16.
Barnum later set up a variety troupe and developed a museum which eventually led to an alternating series of live acts and curiosities.
Each location will be virtually connected, and there will be an alternating series of games, known as hackgames, and in-depth Live talks, consisting of lessons tutored by digital experts.
Offensive line coach Steve Greatwood had planned to use the two on alternating series as the game progressed, but Long played almost exclusively at left tackle until the waning moments of the second half.
Taggart emerged, but played with a separated shoulder, leading to him and Watson alternating series early in the year.
Others suggest creative solutions taken by Weitz to deliver key passages in the book; for example, the film summarizes Nick's complicated childhood via a game of catch, panning back and forth between a boyhood Nick (Liam Broggy) and an alternating series of father figures.
We now develop double integral identities for S (a, b, j, k), S(a, b, j, k, m) and their alternating series companions and, moreover, recover and extend some of the results obtained by Guillera and Sondow (1) such as
The group argues that before an alternating series of droughts and monsoonal floods hit Angkor from the mid-14th to late 15th centuries, the capital of the Khmer empire had already had extensive problems with its vast, complicated water system.
The novel's three alternating series of chapters are anchored in 1961, the year of Trujillo's assassination.
Green had been alternating series with senior Jim Welker in the first two contests.
Alternating series at quarterback, senior Joey Haizle and freshman Jimmy Clausen passed for two touchdowns each.
He completed 8 of 12 passes for 119 yards and two touchdowns while alternating series with Jason Soporito.

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