Alternative 3

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Alternative 3

As early as 1962, the superpowers of Earth undertook a secret space program to transport an intellectual elite to bases on the moon, where, with the labor of ordinary humans serving as their slaves, they began to build a new world.

On June 20, 1977, Anglia Television broadcast “Alternative 3,” the final program in its Science Report, a series of serious science documentaries. The program was simultaneously telecast in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, and Yugoslavia.

The script, by David Ambrose and Christopher Miles, declared that the superpowers have been working secretly together in space for decades, and their accomplishments in building bases and conducting interplanetary travel have advanced far beyond what they have officially released to the public. Ultrasecret joint U.S. and Russian conferences are held each month in a submarine beneath the Arctic ice cap.

Shortly after World War II the superpowers determined that Earth would soon be unable to support life and that our climate’s recent strange behavior was only a preview of the tremendous cataclysms to come. High-level scientists and politicians viewed three possible solutions, alternatives, for humankind:

Alternative 1: Halt immediately all pollution and blast two large holes in the ozone layer to allow excessive ultraviolet light to reach the earth. While this might eventually restore plant life and reduce pollution, millions of humans would be likely to die of skin cancer.

Alternative 2: Immediately begin constructing underground cities for the elite and allow the billions of humanity on the surface to perish.

Alternative 3: Construct spaceships and transport the elite off the planet to the moon and Mars. The rest of humanity would be left behind to die.

The governments chose Alternative 3 and began devising a plan to preserve a tiny nucleus of human survivors to continue the species.

Since the early 1960s, government agencies around the globe have been kidnapping ordinary people for common labor and turning them into mindless automatons by advanced brainwashing methods. The few reports of NASA astronauts that leaked out concerning strange things sighted on the moon were suppressed by the secret agencies of the superpowers in order to keep the masses ignorant of the overall sinister plan.

Although the British television program and the later book version of the script, published in 1978, were both presented as science fiction with absolutely no basis in fact, the research of many UFO investigators has produced similarly frightening accusations that not only portray secret agencies of the superpowers working together on an overall clandestine master plan, but accuse the same superpowers of having made a deal with intelligences from outer space that have little regard for the average citizen of Earth.

In the opinion of many conspiracy theorists, the “Alternative 3” broadcast was a device created by whistle-blowers within various government agencies to leak details of a massive cover-up of disappearances of men and women throughout the world. Witnesses who claim top-level security clearances state that their consciences have compelled them to disregard their government oaths and reveal the use of abandoned U.S. military bases in creating “interdimensional tunnels” whereby aliens can enter Earth’s atmosphere with greater ease. They report unspeakable experiments with abducted men, women, and children—for example, that large numbers of street kids and runaways have been used in certain experiments in teleportation of the physical body to established moon bases. And these same whistle-blowers point out that the mysterious “holes” in the ozone layer might very well make all three “alternatives” a grim reality.

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