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(1) (AOL Instant Messenger) America Online's instant messaging service, which supported text chat, photo sharing, online gaming and PC to PC voice. An AIM list of Instant Messenger contacts was called a "Buddy List." AIM was part of America Online and then a stand-alone service in 1997 but was discontinued at the end of 2017. See instant messaging and AOL.

(2) (Application Integration Middleware) An umbrella term for middleware software that ties applications together. See application integration, middleware and PPMW.

(3) (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, Warrendale, PA, The trade association for the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) industry. Established in 1982 as a product division of the Material Handling Institute (MHI), AIM is involved in setting standards for barcodes, magnetic stripes and RFID technology. See also AIIM.

(4) (Apple IBM Motorola) The alliance of Apple, IBM and Motorola that developed the PowerPC chip. See PowerPC and Apple-IBM alliance.
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This includes de-listing from the Alternative investment Market (AIM) and become 94% owned by Barclays Bank in a debt-for-equity swap.
According to CFCL, Dinsdale has been appointed as non-executive chairman for a new three-year term and engaged him, via a related entity, to provide consulting services to assist the company in raising funds and preparing for its listing on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.
Electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell drive system manufacturer Enova Systems recently announced it has successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM), placing 5.35 million common shares valued at $3.78 per share following a reverse split.
TietoEnator said that it would act to acquire compulsorily all outstanding AttentiV shares, and would cause AttentiV to apply for the cancellation of the listing and trading of AttentiV shares from the London AIM (Alternative Investment Market).
Software and services provider Civica Ltd plans to list on the Alternative Investment Market in London at the end of February in a deal that could raise between 50m pounds ($85m) and 90m pounds ($153m).
IAC had hoped to raise $15 million-$22 million in fresh capital through an IPO on London's Alternative Investment Market. But the plan was scuppered by desperately difficult conditions in the stock market and the indie film sales business.
The alternative investment market is estimated to have reached 1.6 trillion yen at the end of 2001, Mitsui said.
(symbol: TXN.L) is a publicly listed company on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.
After an initial public offering and listing on the LSE's Alternative Investment Market (AIM), Sumitomo Precision will maintain a majority stake in STS, a manufacturer of plasma systems used in research and development and production applications.
Memory, which moved from the Alternative Investment Market to the pan-European exchange EASDAQ last November, saw its turnover soar last year from GBP6.7 million to GBP47.9 million, while its 1998 pre-tax loss was reduced to GBP2.2 million from GBP3.3 million.
It has just brought one venture, Highland Timber, to the Alternative Investment Market where its shares are now worth pounds 9.6 million.
A TOP London Stock Exchange executive is this week urging Merseyside small and mediumsized firms to consider floating on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

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