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counter culture


alternative culture

any of the subcultures and oppositional cultures in which lifestyles, beliefs and values are distinct from those of the main or dominant culture, and which may challenge its central beliefs, ideals and institutions. Such groups may develop through isolation, threat or around common interests. Since the 1960s there has been a flowering of counter-cultural movements, such as the GREEN MOVEMENT, in Western societies.
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Theoretical topics include the consequences of culture and alternative culture, with several articles by Geert Hofstede, and articles related to sociology, economics, and neo-insitutional theory.
When Nixon bowed from office, the USA, riven by racial disharmony and the alternative culture of estranged youth, needed a decent fella to restore its dignity - a James Stewart figure to step down from the screen and enter the real world.
I'd really like a child of mine to grow up and appreciate various types of music that leads to alternative culture.
The role of musicians is to be outside politics, offering an alternative culture to the suits and spin doctors in the palace of Westminster.
The slippery politics and insoluble contradictions of underground, culture are examined through the lens of 'zines in the relatively highbrow Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture (Verso, 1997).
Around 12,000 visitors - 4,000 more than last year - soaked up the atmosphere and the sun, at the cutting-edge Hub 2006 festival for alternative culture.
The emergence of an alternative culture centred around the raves of the late 80s however reawakened an interest in the authenticity of folk music.
Gibby or Hootie - it's alternative culture presented as the Pepsi Challenge.
This alternative culture is made up of those people, who are constantly looking for different or better ways to deliver, raise the bar in their industry or simply succeed where no one else could.
Sole is a communication platform where you can get all your newest and most up to date news when it comes to footwear, fashion, design and alternative culture in The Middle East.
Goths and those interested in alternative culture visit from all corners of the earth to enjoy a mixture of drinking, music, dancing, and shopping.

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