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counter culture


alternative culture

any of the subcultures and oppositional cultures in which lifestyles, beliefs and values are distinct from those of the main or dominant culture, and which may challenge its central beliefs, ideals and institutions. Such groups may develop through isolation, threat or around common interests. Since the 1960s there has been a flowering of counter-cultural movements, such as the GREEN MOVEMENT, in Western societies.
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Ray Gun was as radical as the lifestyle it reported on, deeply committed to visually representing an alternative culture as a new way of seeing and being in the world.
It soon became a popular feature in Manchester's hive of alternative culture, featuring on tens of thousands of pictures and social media posts by Mancunians and tourists alike.
DUBAI: Two major alternative culture gatherings are happening in the region next weekend.
According to its website, Vox Feminae is 'an international and transdisciplinary festival that focuses on promoting local and international female artists who explore the clash of contemporary art, urban and alternative culture and gender issues.'
One of feminism's biggest successes was creating an alternative culture for girls and women seeking respite from mainstream constraints.
The performances ndash with English subtitles ndash take place in three Bratislava theatres and five other venues of alternative culture. More information can be found, also in English, on the festival website.
Go Princess Go provides the strongest evidence of the Internet as a space of alternative culture resisted by the state and could have benefitted from more attention by the authors.
Goths and those interested in alternative culture visit from all corners of the earth to enjoy a mixture of drinking, music, dancing, and shopping.
"Targeting Britain repeatedly with brutal attacks indicates that [the country] still stands in the face of the dark and inhuman [ideologies] represented by terrorism, which is desperately trying to circulate them as an alternative culture to the dialogue of civilizations and religions," President Michel Aoun said Sunday, in a message of solidarity with Britain.
Perhaps that's because the pictures have been taken from the perspective of an Australian expat - who has been moved to document his first year living in the city, focusing on the capital's burgeoning alternative culture scene.

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