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He said Alternative Dispute Resolution Centres (ADRC) across Punjab would provide inexpensive and speedy justice to the people.
Arbitration, conciliation and mediation are the most commonly used Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms currently available in India and LexisNexis'sAlternative Dispute Resolution module provides comprehensive information on the available mechanism in length.
Our section is in its sixth year and has made great strides in the Florida alternative dispute resolution arena.
Earlier in the day John spoke at a seminar at Bahrain Polytechnic promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution in the construction industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) is a means of resolving disputes outside the courtroom.
If the Alternative Dispute Resolution system works, it should also be extended to payment disputes of up to e1/45,000.
The workshop forms part of BCDR-AAA's ongoing efforts to provide senior executives and lawyers from the public and private sectors with the latest in best practices and establish Bahrain as the centre for alternative dispute resolution in the Middle East.
He added that Alternative Dispute Resolutions were initiated to minimise the litigation time and promote the culture of tolerance in the community.
Mediation is also being encouraged by the courts who can penalise parties if they have not considered other alternative dispute resolution methods.
The American College of Civil Trial Mediators (ACCTM; Orlando, FL) has begun the publication of the "American Journal of Mediation," an annual journal focusing on ethical and professionals standards of mediation practice and the growth and efficacy of alternative dispute resolution systems.
If the case is not accepted, the taxpayer will be informed of the basis for the decision and alternative dispute resolution opportunities will be discussed.
The number of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) hearings concerning former students of the Indian residential school system is increasing and the Anglican Church of Canada's national office is canvassing bishops about a particularly sticky issue that would involve releasing the church from only part of its potential liability.

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