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Digit of a bird wing homologous to the thumb.



(also known as bastard wing or spurious wing), a group of feathers attached to the first digit of bird wings. The alula usually consists of four feathers, but sometimes there are three (certain passerines and Picidae) or six (the touraco). It can move forward and upward, preventing disruption of the airstream from the wing at large angles of incidence. The alula is most developed in forest birds that have rounded wings and are capable of maneuverable flight.

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The paleontologists named the new species Eoalulavis, because this goldfinch-sized bird shows the earliest evidence of an alula.
Alula studied for 3 u years but then received a recording contract.
The stepwise discriminant analysis retained only seven measurements allowing discrimination among populations based on body mass, wing length, length of P 8, alula, BH, back nail, and left nail (Table 3).
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Thorax: Prosternum large, abutting proepisternum and prothoracic coxae; dorsal (anterior) margin of prosternum with distinct flange-like projection (75); mesonotum strongly humped; postmetacoxal area membranous; anatergites asetose; pulvilli well developed; alula highly reduced (130); anal lobe and alula reduced and without bordering vein (ie.
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Alula Yohannes, author of the paper " The Politics of the Nile", notes that Egypt has never wanted the contentious 1959 Nile Treaty which gave Egypt exclusive rights to 76% of the Nile waters to be reviewed and is likely to play dirty should it feel that the source of the Nile is threatened:
In a fare-well ceremony bid at Alula Aba Nega international airport, Tigray regional president Tsegay Berhe said "The federal government of Ethiopia has repeatedly addressed grave concerns from day one to the UN security council as the Eritrean government continued to undermine and threaten the peace process; however "deaf ears" were given by the UN security council to all the concerns Ethiopia has been addressing" The official says the council's "deaf ears" than swiftly acting against Eritrea's unlawful acts were the reasons which helped Asmara to a further continued and official disruption over the mission.
FCF in both males and females shows molt limits within the greater coverts, between the outer greater coverts and the carpal covert, or occasionally between the carpal covert and the alula.